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Maximum Efficiency Rate Test Campaign for Oben Field (OML 4)

Project Info

Client – Seplat

Location – Ogboinbiri Field (OML 63) – OES Rig

Status – Ongoing

Date –  December 31, 2019

As per DPR regulation, Oil & Gas operators in Nigeria are expected to conduct periodic Maximum Efficiency Rate (MER) testing of their producing wells. In December 2019, SEPLAT Petroleum, in keeping with DPR requirements, needed a specialized XHP separator to carry out MER testing on its Oben field (OML 4) gas wells. INFIL collaborated with Halliburton Energy services to execute Seplat’s 6 months long Oben field MER campaign, using our own 2,000PSI XHP/HPT process separator and ancillary equipment.