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Maximum Efficiency Rate Test MER Campaign on High Pressure Gas Wells

Project Info

Client – Agip/Well Fluid Services

Location -Irri-Oleh-Ebocha Fields, OML-61

Status – Ongoing

Date –  April, 2021

NAOC in conformance with DPR’s regulation for operators to perform bi-annual mandatory Maximum Efficiency Rate (MER) tests on all producing wells, contacted INFIL Petroleum to utilize its specialized 2,000PSI 42” X 10’ LONG HORIZONTAL ASME-U STAMPED 3-PHASE HP SEPARATOR for the project.

INFIL collaborated with Well Fluid Services to deploy a cost/ time optimized solution for the campaign at ENI’s Oriri field. A Truck-mounted compact surface well test module which provides seamless well to well hook-up for flow testing of all ENI wells was deployed for the 3 weeks long MER campaign at Oriri field.