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EPCIC and O&M of Gas Generators for OML 29

Project Info

Client – AITEO Eastern E&P

Status – Ongoing

Date –  August, 2019

AITEO Eastern E&P operates OML 29 in the swamps of the eastern Niger Delta of Nigeria. The asset produces significant volumes of associated gas but client has been providing power for its six (6) flow stations (Nembe 1, Nembe 2, Nembe 3, Nembe 4, Odeama and Santa Barbra) using mainly diesel generators.

In August 2019, client contracted INFIL Petroleum to engineer a conversion project for all their facilities from diesel power to gas driven power supply. We have completed engineering, procurement and construction of Nine (9) gas generators for the asset to replace the existing diesel generators. Installation, commissioning and O&M is planned to commence in July 2020.