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Continous Surface Sand Management

Sand production from oil wells causes mechanical damage and erosion of flowlines, chokes, control valves and process equipment, leading to reduction in overall oil and gas separation efficiency. Conventional methods for surface sand management involve use of a single pot sand filter for intermittent removal of sand/solids from a well stream. The downside of such conventional methods, however, is inability to achieve uninterrupted flow from a well, given the need to isolate and clean-up spent filter screens, from time to time.

To overcome this limitation and achieve continuous (uninterrupted) surface sand management, INFIL Petroleum is pleased to offer a dual pot sand filtration equipment design for your assetThe dual pot sand filter is a 10KSPI ASME U-stamped equipment which uses two 100% filter screens to separate produced sand and solids from well effluents. With the dual pot system, flow from a well is diverted through the first filter pot, and as produced sand/solids begin to accumulate in that pot, a rise in differential pressure occurs. When DP rises to a pre-determined level, flow from the well is automatically diverted to the second filter pot, while sand/solids from the first pot is drained. This automatic diversion of flow between the two 100% filter pots guarantees maximum equipment uptime and ensures uninterrupted production from the well.